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Aug. 8, 2022

Cannabis & Creativity: A Comedian’s Perspective w/ Gabby Jordan Brown

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A 2021 Gallup poll revealed that 49% of US adults have used marijuana at least once, but what percentage of those individuals use cannabis to facilitate self-discovery, integrate difficult emotions, or enhance creative pursuits? Join us for an honest conversation about the reality of cannabis use, and the possibilities available when one chooses to get high consciously.

In this episode we are joined by NYC native comedian, producer and writer, and co-host of Two Nosy Meerkats podcast, Gabby Jordan Brown to discuss how she has integrated cannabis into her creative pursuits, and how it has influenced her writing and performing. Aaron also provides insight into the energetic influence of cannabis, and introduces concepts for changing pre-existing, non-conscious relationships with the substance.

“I think the best comics are the people who really know themselves, but I don’t know if you can know yourself if you are pushing away that self knowledge… and when you smoke weed, you can’t not do that.” - Gabby Jordan Brown


Cannabis & the Creative Process

  • The benefits of microdosing THC for creativity and focus
  • Aaron talks about his experience attending a cannabis yoga event
  • Rachel recounts how cannabis consciousness influenced her artwork

Introductions to Cannabis

  • Gabby shares her unfortunate first experience of getting high
  • Gabby discusses the way that cannabis has impacted her comedic performances
  • Aaron recounts how his first experiences with marijuana evolved into personal journeys 
  • Rachel recounts the ceremonial construction of her first intentional cannabis journey after a meditation retreat

Yoga, Meditation, Sex & Other Spiritual Practices

  • Gabby’s intro to yoga and how she benefits from her practice
  • How Gabby’s mother being a sex therapist impacted her relationship to sexuality

Cannabis for Creativity

  • Gabby talks about how she developed her comedy by analyzing comedians while high
  • How smoking helped Gabby to take herself less seriously, and why she believes that makes her a better comedian

Using Cannabis Consciously

  • Giving people new ways to approach cannabis consciously
  • Aaron and Rachel share stories of using cannabis for intentional journeywork


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Gabby Jordan BrownProfile Photo

Gabby Jordan Brown

Gabby Jordan Brown is a comic, producer and writer. She co-produces the mic and monthly show Anne Hathaway Presents and co-hosts the comedy and advice podcast Two Nosy Meerkats.