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Aug. 22, 2022

A Psychic Moment - Metaphysical Healing Through Light and Chaos w/ Joseph Grayshock

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This week, we share the tale of a divine encounter with a psychic who weaves his wisdom in unique ways - and discuss how light and chaos work together in the process of healing and awakening.

Joseph Grayshock is a metaphysical healer whose craft was born of chaos and honed through difficult life experiences. We talk to Joseph about his personal story of awakening to psychic abilities and how that now informs his healing practice.

Whether it be crystals and chaos magick, yoga and meditation, psychadelics and spirits, or shamanism and voodo, we explore the myriad of tools that can be used to develop our psychic sensitivities - and discuss the benefits and pitfalls of being called to the healer's path.

Meeting Joseph Grayshock

  • Aaron and Rachel share how they crossed paths with Joseph during an MDMA journey
  • Rachel reflects on her previous experience with psychics


Developing Psychic Abilities

  • Joseph describes the mind-body-spirit balance and how that opens us up to psychic abilities
  • Joseph and Aaron discuss the balance between learning from a teacher and developing abilities though intuitive knowledge
  • Tales of dubious healers and “the idea of being spiritual” vs being a clear channel


Healing Through Light and Chaos

  • Joseph shares a story of healing trauma through his chosen modality
  • Aaron describes the “karmic layer” and how it affects our life path
  • Joseph discusses how choice, accountability and action contribute to our spiritual evolution
  • How being in acceptance of both light and dark allows us to work with our shadow
  • Finding a balance between bringing in light and working through chaos


Changing the World with Loving Awareness

  • Rachel describes being able to access presence and acceptance through her meditation practice
  • Brining prayer into meditation and how that creates a ripple effect of healing
  • The nature of being healers who are called to do our part to wake up the world


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Joseph Grayshock

Metaphysical Healer

In my youth I knew in my heart there was an all encompassing healing energy. Book after book my search for enlightenment grew. In my teens I met a metaphysical healer who guided me and taught me a lot about these methods. I use these and a combination of others to balance energies. Most having their roots in shamanism.