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Nov. 8, 2022

Frontiers of Psychedelic Therapy w/ Steve Thayer

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The horizons of psychedelic supported psychotherapy are constantly being expanded and reimagined, and this weeks’ guest is at the forefront of the research and clinical trial effort. Meet Dr. Steve Thayer, co-host of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast, who joins us today to discuss the current psychedelic renaissance, where it’s going, and his unique role within it as a therapist specializing in PTSD and former member of the LDS church.

Introducing Dr Steve

  • Steve’s background in the Mormon church and how he began to question his religion after experiencing a crisis of faith
  • Steve makes a practical decision to pursue therapy over philosophy
  • After researching psychedelics, Steve's first mushroom trip puts him in contact with his authentic self
  • Steve considers how his psychedelically informed understanding of mindfulness could be applied to his therapy practice


Awakening and Religion

  • The intellectual culture of Judaism and its emphasis on the spirit of inquiry and how it compares to the LDS church’s support of contemplative practices
  • Steve describes where Mormonism “runs off the rails” for him - when you need a middleman between yourself and God
  • Aaron shares his experience of camping with a group of ex-mormons at Burning Man


Psychedelics as Therapy

  • LSD and psychedelics as tools to study the mind and learn about consciousness.
  • How we can access an container of compassion of psychedelics where all things are permitted because they are human
  • The importance of set and settings and psychedelics as “non specific amplifiers”
  • Steve's experience of facilitating clinical trials for psychedelic treatment, including a life changing  psilocybin experience


Approaches to Psychedelic Therapy

  • The role of the psychedelic therapist in holding space with an agenda
  • How to approach resistance during a psychedelic journey
  • How to get started with psychedelic therapy and how triggers serve as opportunities
  • The inner healing wisdom and how it applies to psychedelic therapy


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Steve Thayer


Dr. Steve Thayer is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. Dr. Thayer began his career in the U.S. Air Force where he served as the Barksdale Mental Health Clinic Officer-In-Charge, managed the Barksdale Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention & Treatment (ADAPT) Program, provided therapeutic and assessment services, and counseled military leadership about community mental health concerns. Since leaving the military, Dr. Thayer has specialized in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and is the lead facilitator for several ongoing psychedelic medicine clinical trials. Dr. Thayer is an adjunct professor teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in counseling skills, clinical psychology, and personality theory. Dr. Thayer is a supervisor and trainer of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and co-hosts the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers Podcast.