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SOMA - Stories of Modern Awakening

SOMA - Stories of Modern Awakening

SOMA is an exploration of exceptional people through the lens of their encounters with the divine, mediated by sex, substance, and spirit. It’s an invitation for guests and listeners to analyze their mystical, ecstatic, and revelatory experiences free of inhibition and with a healthy dose of twenty-first century hedonism.

Recent Episodes


Frontiers of Psychedelic Therapy w/ Steve Thayer

Nov. 8, 2022

The horizons of psychedelic supported psychotherapy are constantly being expanded and reimagined, and this weeks’ guest is at the forefront of the research and clinical trial effort. Meet Dr. Steve Thayer , co-host of the Ps…

Guest: Steve Thayer

Mushrooms & the Pursuit of Infinity w/ Josh Leonard

Sept. 27, 2022

In 1962, Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert bridged the spiritual and psychedelic discourse, introducing the concept of reliable entheogens to the contemporary psychedelic research effort. Today’s guest, a former staunch athei…

Guest: Josh Leonard

Consciousness in a Nutshell w/ Jay & Lindy Nelson

Sept. 20, 2022

For many, intuition labels psychedelic experiences as threatening, knowing that character defects and shameful behaviors are bound to confront them under the influence. But what happens if we lean into that fear? What do the…


The Mystic in the Float Tank - Spontaneous Awakening & Integration w/ Beni Summers

Sept. 12, 2022

So you’ve had a psychedelic or psychedelic adjacent experience. What comes next? This week we sit down with Beni Summers, Rabbinic Intern at Shefa: Jewish Psychedelic Supports , to discuss psychedelic integration, float tank…

Guest: Beni Summers

Coming Together - Healing Through Sex & Intimacy w/ Celeste Hirschman

Sept. 5, 2022

Does sexuality hold the key to healing our deepest wounds? Join us as we dive into the roots of our sexual identity to understand how our core desires originate from early traumas, and explore ways to heal through sex and re…


A Psychic Moment - Metaphysical Healing Through Light and Chaos w/ Joseph Grayshock

Aug. 22, 2022

This week, we share the tale of a divine encounter with a psychic who weaves his wisdom in unique ways - and discuss how light and chaos work together in the process of healing and awakening. Joseph Grayshock is a metaphysic…

About the Hosts

Aaron Chi

Hacker / Entrepreneur / Spiritual Rebel

Aaron Chi has been a practitioner of traditional yoga, medical qigong, and psychedelic-assisted journeywork for nearly two decades. Driven by a passion for personal growth and self-discovery, Aaron has traveled the globe in search of the most effective techniques for facilitating awakening. Through his work with clients, he has witnessed firsthand the power of these modalities to produce healing and transformation. He is excited to share his powerful, unconventional, and deeply grounding practices with guests and listeners alike.

Rachel Rumstein

Student / Seeker / Aspiring JTwitter mainstay

Rachel Rumstein is a student journalist devoted to exploring the nexus of spiritual scholarship, contemplative practice, Jewish Mysticism, and psychedelic research. Her years of experience with meditation in Jewish, Vipassana, and Zen contexts inform her understanding of reality and the metaphysical, and she offers her very real "Beginner's mind" to listeners as a lens through which to apprehend the world. She is a student of neuroscience and behavior at Columbia University and Jewish Thought at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City.