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Celeste Hirschman

Sex and Relationship Coach / Founder of Somatica

Celeste Hirschman, M.A. is the co-creator of the Somatica Method – a relational and experiential body-based approach to Sex Therapy and Relationship Coaching. She uses her training in attachment psychology, sociology, gender and women’s studies, and body-based modalities to engage with her clients in real-time experiences where they learn to transform old patterns and incorporate new possibilities into every aspect of their lives, including their loving and intimate relationships.

September 05, 2022

Coming Together - Healing Through Sex & Intimacy w/ Celeste Hirschman

Does sexuality hold the key to healing our deepest wounds? Join us as we dive into the roots of our sexual identity to understand how our core desires originate from early traumas, and explore ways to heal through sex and rel...