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July 18, 2022

Living in a DMT Simulation: The Intersection of Psychedelics and Science w/ Danny Goler

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Could we be living in a simulated universe? Suspend your disbelief for 68 minutes as we consider the implications of what can be observed under the influence of DMT with the aid of a 650nm refractive laser, and explore a metaphysical discovery that could change the way we understand our world forever.

This week’s guest, entrepreneur and psychonaut Danny Goler was always interested in the big question. An early interest in physics set Danny on a psychedelic trajectory fueled by an undying commitment to scientific discovery. While many have postulated that DMT space is an objective and self-illuminated realm, Danny claims to have found a conclusive answer to this question.

In this episode, we explore the phenomenon of shared realities under the influence of psychedelics, and we ponder whether science can satisfactorily fill the gaps in our understanding of the psychosphere. And after having our minds blown, we find ourselves returning to the universal truths that led us on this journey in the first place.

“Your brain is simulating what you're seeing right now. This is not what reality looks like. This is a very tiny sliver of what your brain constructs into what you think is the physical world. So all you're saying here is that the simulation is not just occurring by the laws of physics, but that somebody is actually simulating it.” - Danny Goler

Psychedelics and the Scientific Method

  • Aaron and Rachel introduce Danny’s theory that we are living in a simulation based on observations he’s made under the influence of DMT. 
  • Aaron and Rachel theorize potential causes behind shared phenomena in psychedelic states. 
  • Aaron discusses Qi as a metaphysical placeholder.

Danny Goler - Physicist, Seeker and Psychonaut

  • Danny recounts his interest in physics and how it led him to the exploration of psychedelics.
  • Danny shares how DMT differs from other psychedelics.
  • Psychedelics as a “meaning expansion machine.”
  • Exploring whether psychedelic experiences emerge from mind or are evidence of an independent, external reality.

Danny’s Introduction to DMT and His Discovery

  • Danny’s experience with Vipassana meditation and how it led him to DMT.
  • Danny shares his first breakthrough experience of interacting with intelligent entities in DMT space.
  • Danny recounts the story of how he was led to learn that that a 650nm refracted laser would show “something” while under the influence of DMT.
  • Danny finds code running through material reality.
  • Danny shares why he believes the experiment concludes we live in a simulation and proposes a direction for further scientific validation.
  • Danny ponders the practical implications of his finding and how it has impacted his personal life.

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Danny GolerProfile Photo

Danny Goler

Director/ Producer/ CEO

Danny was enamored by concepts like black holes, the formation of stars, and the Big Bang, since he was 4 years old. As he grew older, his interest in physics took a back seat to experiencing life to the fullest. He got into acting, started training in Parkour, and even competed on American Ninja Warrior. He learned how to edit and found himself getting more and more into film and production. He started a lifestyle and a clothing brand called f*ck it BRAND™. A brand that promotes creative expression in all its forms; combining elements from music, extreme sports, and art. But as fate would have it, his interest in the big question found its way back into his life, when he made a discovery that he claims will change the way we understand our world forever.