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Im Josh, a podcaster from Pennsylvania who's life changed from taking psychedelics. The avenues of spirituality opened for me and the questions and curiosity I always had as a child and young adult were contextualized, and my relationships flourished. I was a staunch atheist, and that idea evaporated in what felt like an instant as a result of these experiences. Ive introduced these substances to family and friends and have seen great change in them as well. It had a particularly strong impact on my relationship to my fiance. It transformed everything about our relationship and my life. I feel like I owe everything to the mushroom.

September 27, 2022

Mushrooms & the Pursuit of Infinity w/ Josh Leonard

In 1962, Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert bridged the spiritual and psychedelic discourse, introducing the concept of reliable entheogens to the contemporary psychedelic research effort. Today’s guest, a former staunch atheis...